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The JR 9XII is a 9-channel VHF transmitter.

It includes the following features:

Variations of the 9XII are also distributed under the model number XP9303.

A 2,4GHz variation is available under the designation JR DSX9 and JR X9303; this uses Spektrum's DSM2 technology.

Hints and tips

The gyro function outputs by default on channel 7, which may not be available on all receivers. To switch gyro gain automatically via the flight mode switch and channel 5 instead, consider using the Governor function.

The buddy box functionality uses the slave transmitter's signal as virtual stick inputs. This means that all servo throws, trim, and mixes are inherited automatically. Once the slave transmitter is set up correctly once, it can be used to slave any model on the 9XII equally well.

The 9XII can be used as master (or slave, presumably) to any Spektrum or JR transmitter.

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