Align T-Rex 450SE

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Align T-Rex 450SE
Manufacturer Align
Class 450 size electric
Build Kit
Blade size325mm included in kit; 315 to 335mm available
LevelBeginner to Advanced
MaterialCarbon fiber
Servo to swash linkageDirect
Servo sizeMicro
Rotor head
Head blockMetal
Control120° CCPM
Drive systemBelt drive
Auto drivenYes
Tail pitch sliderSingle
Tail blade gripsMetal
Tail caseMetal
Boom strut materialMetal
Paddle to paddle diameter220 mm
Main rotor diameter700mm
Tail rotor diameter150mm

The Align T-Rex 450SE (also referenced later as the Align T-Rex 450SE V1) is currently one of Align's smallest helicopters. This helicopter is the model above the T-Rex 450SA and below the T-Rex 450SE V2. The helicopter usually retails for $380. This specific model is no longer produced as Align has created the brother, the 450SE V2. Considering the price of the model, most people look for these as they are 200 dollars cheaper than the aforementioned second version. This helicopter comes with an Align 430L brushless outrunner motor and an RCE-BL35G ESC which is a programmable brushless speed controller. The main difference between a T-Rex 450SE V2 and a T-Rex 450SE V1 are the electronic speed control, motor and the feathering shaft.

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