Align T-Rex 450 Pro

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Align T-Rex 450 Pro
Manufacturer Align
Class 450 size electric
Build ARF
Blade size325mm
LevelIntermediate / Advanced
MaterialCarbon fiber
TypeOne piece
Servo to swash linkageDirect
Servo sizeMicro
Rotor head
Head blockAluminum
ControlCCPM 120°
Drive systemTorque tube
Auto drivenYes
Tail pitch sliderSingle
Tail blade gripsAluminum
Tail caseAluminum
Boom strut materialCarbon
Main rotor to pinion ratio1:11.5
Main rotor to tail ratio1:4.24
Empty weight15 oz. (430g)
Weight without battery1 lbs., 7.5 oz. (668g)
Fully loaded weight1 lbs., 13.5 oz. (836g)
Height9 in. (230mm)
Canopy width3.25 in. (82.5mm)
Landing gear4.13 in. (105mm)
Paddle to paddle diameter12.5 in. (317.5mm)
Main rotor diameter28 in. (710mm)
Tail rotor diameter6.25 in. (158mm)
Length25 in. (635mm)

Align's latest 450 class helicopter, that succeeds the 450 sport. This helicopter is a ground up redesign of its 450 class helicopter. The 450 pro kit has two options the first is the 450 Super Pro Combo kit, the second is the 450 Pro kit. The Pro kit comes with the airframe, electronic speed controller, 450M motor, and 325 align carbon fiber blades. The Super Pro kit comes with all the fore mentioned items, plus 3 Align DSM 410M micro servos, a DS 520 digital servo, and a GP 750 head lock gyro. Align recommends a 3 cell 11.1 v 2000-2200 mAH battery, to power the helicopter. This helicopter features a CCPM head, with the cyclic servos being mounted directly to the two aluminum bearing blocks. This is radically different than all the other align models that mount the servos to the side frames. The advantage to this design is that the servos are all on the same level, and positioned relative to the main shaft. The disadvantage is that the servo horns and servos are very difficult to repair without removing the entire bearing block. With this design there are reduced CCPM interactions, making for a very precise feel on the cyclic, and collective controls. The head is mostly a CNC aluminum alloy, and there are only two adjustable linkages from the swash plate to the upper mixing arms. This makes for simple, quick and easy head setup, the rest of the linkages are a molded plastic design. The swash plate is a 120 CCPM style swash with the aileron, and pitch servos up front and the elevator servo in the rear. The tail features a frame mounted mini servo that drives a push rod to the rear pitch slider arm. The pitch slider arm connects via a ball link to a sliding ball bearing that operates the pitch linkages to the rear tail blade grips. The tail blade grips feature chinese weights, modification. All 450 pro models have a Torque Tube tail drive system, which reduces the drag of the tail drive system. The helicopter kit was designed by Jason Krause, and the align engineering team. With the abundance of cheap spare parts and reasonable kit prices makes the 450 pro a very popular helicopter. There are numerous upgrade parts available from Align, and third party vendors. These upgrades range from metal upgrades for the few plastic components, to flybarless heads, and electronics.

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