Align T-Rex 500

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Align T-Rex 500
Manufacturer Align
Class 500 size electric
Build Kit
Blade size425mm
LevelBeginner to Advanced
MaterialCarbon fiber
Servo to swash linkageDirect
Servo sizeMini
Rotor head
Head blockMetal
ControlCCPM 120°
Drive systemBelt drive
Auto drivenYes
Tail pitch sliderSingle point, dual bearing
Tail blade gripsPlastic
Tail casePlastic
Boom strut materialCarbon
Main rotor to pinion ratio1:13.5 (12 tooth)
1:12.46 (13 tooth)
Main rotor to tail ratio1:4.68
Empty weight1 lb., 14.5 oz. (865g)
Weight without battery3 lbs., 2 oz. (1,416g)
Fully loaded weight3 lbs., 13 oz. (1,717g)
Height12.25 in. (210mm)
Canopy width4 in. (102mm)
Landing gear6.5 in. (165mm)
Paddle to paddle diameter17.75 in. (451mm)
Main rotor diameter38 in. (970mm)
Tail rotor diameter8 in. (203mm)
Length33 in. (840mm)

Known issues

The tail belt can cause a static electricity discharge, which can reset the flight electronics and cause temporary loss of control. A number of methods, including grounding the boom and tail belt to the battery 0V, or spraying the belt regularly with silicone grease, are believed to mitigate this issue. The Torque Tube version does not have this problem.

Hints and tips

There are reports that replacing the standard flybar with the one for the Align T-Rex 600 increases the helicopter's stability significantly, due to its extra length.

A few people have converted their 500 to run off nitro, typically using an 15-35 sized engine. Conversion kits are becoming available, see below.

Reviews and articles

  • RC Heli magazine scorecard (reviewed in the April 2008 issue):
    • Instructions - 5
    • Parts quality/Fit - 4
    • Durability - 4
    • Tunability - 4
    • Overall performance - 4.5
    • Value - 4

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