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Align's first nitro-powered model, the T-Rex 600N, is a .50 sized model which shares many parts with its electric counterpart, the T-Rex 600e. It is powered by a 0.50 cubic inch two stroke engine that burns a mixture of methanol, oil and nitromethane. Common motor choices are the OS50 and the YS50ST. And like the T-Rex 600 electric there are various upgrades to a complete CNC head and tail.

The 600N comes in either a Pro, a Sport and a Super Pro version. The Pro version comes with a fiberglass canopy, carbon fiber frames, and a torque tube driven tail. The Sport version has a plastic canopy, glass fiber frames and a belt driven tail. The Pro version also comes as a combo complete with engine (Align branded version of the OS 50), muffler, battery and voltage regulator for powering the electronics, and blades.

The new Super Pro comes as the complete combo, also adding a governor. The Super Pro also replaces the plastic head and tail parts with CNC aluminum parts.

Additional components included with the Super Pro kit includes carbon fiber frame stiffeners, improved clutch liner, improved 2-in-1 regulator, Align Performance Pipe, full aluminum upgrade parts (bearing blocks, bellcranks, etc) as well as a previously optional plastic gyro mounting plate. Originally available as a package with the OS .50 Hyper engine, the later Super Pro kits are shipping without them, at a reduced price. This type of kit is available in two color schemes: a red and blue canopy with blue anodized aluminum components, or a yellow and black canopy with black anodized components. You can now also get the 600N as a 3G combo kit with all the metal upgrades ,the align Flybarles system Align 2 in 1 regulator with lipo pack Align Governor, 3 X Align 610 servos and 1 X Align 620 servo in a nice yellow blue and white colour scheme all you need to complete this is engine Muffler Transmitter and receiver and 1 other servo.

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