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Align T-Rex 600e

The Align T-Rex 600e is a large electric helicopter, the same size as the .50-class Align T-Rex 600N nitro powered model. It uses 600mm blades. Like the 450 models, the 600e is offered with either an aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber frame. It comes with the 600L (early models) or later 600XL motor and 75 amp speed controller. The T-Rex 600e has some plastic head and tail components like the T-Rex 450XL and SA. But Align does make many CNC aluminum replacement parts for almost all of the plastic parts. And the metal upgrade parts come in color choices such as Blue, Black, Red and Dark Green. The T-Rex 600e uses eCCPM mixing, but the servos are mounted forward and connect to the swash using bellcranks. This is similar to the 450XL CDE version.

The 600e does not share any major components with the smaller 450 model, and is usually more expensive to build and fly, partly due to its use of larger and more costly batteries. This size helicopter also prefers more space to fly and thus it not suitable for many small parks. It could be flown in a more controlled area such as a formal flying field. It is more stable than the smaller models and far more "wind resistant" meaning it is great for a beginner to learn with.

Differences between the T-Rex 600e and N

Though they share the same numerical designation the T-Rex 600e and T-Rex 600N are a bit more different than it would seem at first glance. First, due to the nitro engine of the 600N being wider than the electric motor of the 600e, it was necessary for Align to move the frames farther apart, which means that virtually non of the structural components of the two helicopters are interchangeable. Also, due to the frame being wider, the canopies of the e and N are not interchangeable without modification.

Components such as head parts, tail booms and cases, landing gear, blades are able to be used between the two models, but little else.

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