Align T-Rex 700

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Align T-Rex 700
Manufacturer Align
Class 90 size nitro
Build Kit
Blade size690 - 710mm
LevelIntermediate to Advanced
MaterialCarbon fiber
TypeTwo piece
Servo to swash linkageBell crank with push pull linkages
Servo sizeStandard
Rotor head
Head blockMetal
ControlCCPM 120°
Drive systemShaft
Auto drivenYes
Tail pitch sliderDouble
Tail blade gripsPlastic
Tail caseMetal
Boom strut materialCarbon
Main rotor to pinion ratio1:8.2
Main rotor to tail ratio1:4.5
Empty weight5 lbs., 6 oz. (2437g)
Weight without fuel9 lbs., 13 oz. (4451g)
Fully loaded weight11 lbs., 0 oz. (4990g)
Height17.75 in. (450mm)
Canopy width5.5 in. (127mm)
Landing gear8.125 in. (206mm)
Paddle to paddle diameter27.75 in. (704mm)
Main rotor diameter62.5 in. (1587mm)
Tail rotor diameter11 in. (279mm)
Length52.05 in. (1335mm)

It is usually being sold in two variants one of which doesn't include the engine.

Known issues

Some people have suggested that the ball link sockets can become brittle in cold weather.

Some people have had issues with the main gear stripping in normal use. This may be due to the gear mesh being slightly out; an aftermarket clutch block may help fix this. Align has reportedly quietly brought out a very slighly larger diameter gear, which may or may not be a better fit. The MicroHeli CNC delrin maingear replacement is reported to be no better than the standard Align one.

There are strong rumors that a gasser version of the 700 is under development.

Reviews and articles

  • RC Heli magazine scorecard (reviewed in the October 2008 issue):
    • Instructions - 4.5
    • Parts quality/Fit - 4.5
    • Durability - 4.5
    • Tunability - 5
    • Overall performance - 4.5
    • Value - 5

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