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A balance connector (or balance tap) is a special connector that allows the cells in a lipo battery to be charged or monitored individually. The balance connector is only intended for low current use such as charging; for flight the main discharge connector should be used.

There are a large variety of incompatible plugs used by different manufacturers; you can usually get adaptor boards for chargers to allow them to charge batteries with different balance connectors.

Some different types are:

  • JST-XH
Used by Align, Esky and many other manufacturers.
  • JST-PA
'Cellpro' connector, used by FMA on their Revolution packs, and sometimes used by Kokam. 5 pin or 6 pin configuration.
  • BalancePro
Used by Cellpro 6S charger.
  • Polyquest/ Hyperion
  • Thunderpower

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