Beam E4

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Beam E4
Manufacturer Beam
Class 450 size electric
Build Kit
Blade size325mm
LevelBeginner - Intermediate
MaterialCarbon fiber
TypeOne piece
Servo to swash linkageDirect
Servo sizeMicro
Rotor head
Head blockAluminum
ControlCCPM 120°
Drive systemBelt (3mm, MXI, 453t)
Auto drivenYes
Tail pitch sliderTODO
Tail blade gripsAluminum
Tail caseAluminum
Boom strut materialAluminum
Main rotor to pinion ratio1:10.7 (14T) / 1:9.4 (16T)
Main rotor to tail ratio1:4.6
Empty weight13 oz. (370g)
Fully loaded weight29.3 oz. (832g)
Heighteg. 18.3 in. (465mm)
Canopy widthINFONEEDED
Landing gearINFONEEDED
Paddle to paddle diameterINFONEEDED
Main rotor diameter28.46 in. (723mm)
Tail rotor diameter5.9 in. (150mm)
Length25.98 in. (660mm)

The Beam E4 is a 450 sized electric helicopter which comes in kit form. The frame is made of carbon fibre and polished aluminium, and is shipped with fibreglass blades, a robust thermoplastic canopy and a detailed manual. It is often bundled with a Scorpion ESC and brushless motor.

The Beam E4 has a number of innovative features, including:

  • The tail belt runs off a pulley directly above the main gear, reducing drag and noise.
  • A one-piece tail box.
  • Almost all items can be disassembled for servicing, including a fully serviceable swashplate.
  • Under boom gyro mounting plate.

Known issues

There may be unacceptable amounts of swarf in the threads of aluminum frame parts, particularly in blind holes. If any resistance is felt while inserting screws, it is suggested that the thread be cleaned with gentle use of an M2 thread tap to avoid damage to screw threads and the part itself.

The design of the tail box has been changed, with the bearing retaining screws now on the same side as the tail rotor, not as shown in the manual.

Some early kits had issues with the swashplate ball being too tight; this can be remedied by sanding a small amount of material off the outside (upper/ lower) faces of the plastic cups that hold the ball.

There is an unusually large number of M2 crosshead screws, which are prone to wearing when fastening or unfastening. Many are due to design decisions leading to insufficient clearances for cap head screws.

Consider using one of the longer threaded pushrod to tap the inside ball links going from the blade grip to the Bell-Hiller mixer.


The following items are likely to break in a crash

Other statistics

  • Airframe weight: 335g
  • Stock blades: 55g
  • Stock canopy: 42g
  • Total : 432g
  • Main gear: 150 tooth, 0.5 module
  • Tail gears: 51 tooth drive, 11 tooth driven.
  • Tail belt : 453 tooth?, MXI.


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