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In electronic CCPM, as the inputs are synthesized by coordinated movement of all the swashplate servos, inputs on one control axis can affect the other control axes; the typical example being collective input causing cyclic inputs. This is known as CCPM interaction.

CCPM interaction is caused by a variety of factors including:

  • Poor mechanical and electronic setup;
  • Difference in servo speed;
  • 'Stepping' caused by the servos being commanded to their positions sequentially;
  • Difference in servo travel, such as the two side servos traveling half the difference of the other servo in elevator inputs with 120 degree mixing, allowing one set of servos to get to its position more quickly than the other.;
  • Difference in servo loading, from the main blades 'pushing back' under aerodynamic loads.
  • Difference in servo response due to electronic and potentiometer variations.

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