CSM CycLock

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CSM CycLock

The CSM CycLock is an electronic device that fits on an electronic CCPM helicopter between the receiver and the swashplate servos. It's primary function is to take commands from the receiver sent as separate aileron, elevator and collective pitch signals, and to perform CCPM mixing to control the servos.

The CycLock has a number of configurable parameters to allow the use of different CCPM layouts, and to help eliminate CCPM interaction, including synchronization of the servo control signals.

Another use of the CycLock is to include gyros on the aileron and elevator inputs to form a stability augmentation system for use with flybarless heads on CCPM helicopters. CSM also produce a device to reduce collective pitch when it detects bogging; this also requires some form of on-helicopter mixer on CCPM helicopters.

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