Spektrum DX7

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Spektrum DX7

The Spektrum DX7 2,4GHz helicopter radio was Spektrum's first 'full range' aircraft radio. It has the following features:

Known issues

The transmitter is very 'bottom heavy' if hung from a neck strap; a number of devices are available to move the neck strap eyelet below the power switch, leading to a much better balanced transmitter.

A number of people have reported odd results when rebinding a receiver from a Spektrum DX6i to a DX7 on a CCPM helicopter. The fix has been to reset all CCPM parameters to 50%, rebind, and then reconfigure the CCPM parameters as necessary.

The countdown timer alarm will not sound unless the display is showing the main screen (i.e. no menus).

Hints and tips

The DX7 comes as standard with each gimbal supported by two bushings and two radial bearings. Some owners upgrade their transmitter to quad bearings, see below.

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