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A battery should discharge it's stored energy through a high-current capable discharge connector. Usually this connector is polarized to avoid connecting it to the helicopter's electronics incorrectly.

Some batteries, particularly lithium polymer batteries, have an additional balance connector that allows the individual cells to be addressed for balanced charging, but are unsuited to the high currents needed for flight.

Common discharge connectors include:

  • Banana ('bullet') connectors (Max 70A for 4mm);
  • 'JST' (JST RCY series) connectors (Max 5A);
  • Ultra Deans connectors (Max 100A);
  • Micro Deans connectors (Max 15A);
  • Tamiya (Molex) connectors (Max 20A);
  • AstroFlight Zero-loss connectors (Max 50A);
  • Anderson Powerpoles (Max 45A to 180A, depending on size).
  • EC3 (essentially 3.5mm banana connectors in a case), used on E-flite Blade 400.
  • EC5 (essentially 5mm banana connectors in a case) (Max 120A).
  • Traxxas high current connectors.

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