E-flite Blade CX2

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E-flite Blade CX2
Manufacturer E-flite
Class Coaxial electric
Build RTF

The E-Flite Blade CX2 is an example of a radio-controlled Coaxial rotor helicopter. Rather than employing a traditional tail rotor assembly, the Blade CX2 helicopter has two contra-rotating main blade assemblies. This means they operate in different directions while on the same shaft. Counter-rotating would be each on their own shaft turning in opposite direction. Since they rotate in opposite directions about the same axis, the need for a tail rotor to counteract the torque of a single main rotor is eliminated.

Very light and very stable, the Blade CX2 is suited to beginners and is a very popular first helicopter. The Blade CX2 helicopter comes in a ready-to-fly configuration. The package includes the helicopter, a Lithium Polymer battery pack and charger, a 5 channel 2,4GHz transmitter and the 4xAA batteries required to operate it. The helicopter is completely assembled, and all the owner needs to do is charge the LiPo battery (during charging is a great time to read the instruction manual) and go fly.

The helicopter is fairly durable, though the blades can be easily broken. They are rather stiff (necessary for flight) and therefore tend to be brittle and break when the pilot inadvertently flies into objects. The good thing is that replacement parts (as well as many upgrades) are very readily available at most hobby shops that sell E-Flite aircraft (and that's a LOT).

The current versions of the Blade CX2 are shipping with the upgraded anodized aluminum head, which was previously a 30+ dollar (USD) upgrade. There are various parts available aftermarket for this helicopter due to its popularity and some are quite extensive, even going so far as to replace the stock plastic frame with a CNC aluminum part, and a total body kit which makes the heli look like a totally different machine. Another bonus feature of the newer 2.4GHz versions is that they are able to be paired with any DSM2 capable Spektrum transmitter (such as the Spektrum DX6i and the Spektrum DX7). While the stock transmitter is limited in the re-use category, it's nice to be able to have one transmitter to fly many models.

Some other parts you can get upgraded are items such as the marines canopy or full body kit which is just like the original shape. You can also get a boom tail for it with some easy installation. The skids are just plastic and will most likely break and you can buy retractable landing gear.

The Blade CX2 has every part available for purchase which is great if you break something.

The Blade CX2 is also rebranded and sold as the Twister Aggressor.

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