E-flite Blade mCX S300

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E-flite Blade mCX S300
Manufacturer E-flite
Class Coaxial electric
Build RTF / BNF

The Blade mCX S300 is similar to the Blade mCX but made in the image of a Schweizer 300C helicopter.

The 'bind and fly' version allows first-time pilots to learn to fly with a radio they can then keep on using when they upgrade to a bigger bird.

Vital stats

Rotor diameter: 190mm
Weight: 28g (including the battery)
Flight time: 6-8 minutes
Charge time: 35-45 minutes


Won't lift off If the upper and lower rotor blades do not turn freely then insufficient lift is generated. Maybe you have cat hair wound around the upper rotor blade shaft. Unscrew the upper blade shaft at the bottom gear, clean, apply silicone and replace
Blown off course Helicopter too light. A light wind or an indoor ceiling fan can blow this little bird around
Flys slowly It does fly slowly. See "Making it faster" below

Making it faster

  • It flies faster when making a turn than it does in a straight line (a banking turn with both forward and side cyclic)
  • It flies faster when close to the ground

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