E-flite blade 450

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E-flite blade 450
Manufacturer E-flite
Class 450 size electric
Build RTF
Blade size12.8" (325mm)
TypeMultiple piece space frame with aluminum tail boom
Servo to swash linkagePlaceholder
Servo sizeE-flite DS76 digital sub-micro (4)
Rotor head
Head blockComposite
SwashAluminum / Composite
Control120° CCPM
Tail pitch sliderPlaceholder
Tail blade gripsPlaceholder
Tail casePlaceholder
Boom strut materialPlaceholder
Main rotor to pinion ratioPlaceholder
Main rotor to tail ratioPlaceholder
Weight without batteryPlaceholder
Fully loaded weightPlaceholder
Height(9.3 in) 235mm
Canopy widthPlaceholder
Paddle to paddle diameterPlaceholder
Main rotor diameter(28.4 in) 720mm
Tail rotor diameter(5.6 in) 142mm
Length(25.8 in) 655mm

The E-flite Blade 450 3D" is a high-specification RTF electric mini-helicopter with a composite frame, CCPM rotor head and belt derived from the E-flite Blade 400 3D. Released in the USA on May 23 2011, the Blade 450 is intended for use by intermediate to advanced pilots. Although labelled as a "400," it uses the same size (325mm) main blades and has the same total rotor diameter and approximately the same AUW as the Blade 400. The Blade 450 continues the Blade 400's use of molded composite for most parts.

A noteworthy feature of the Blade 450 is the inclusion of a Spektrum DX6i 2.4GHz DSMX six-channel computer radio with a AR6115e "Microlite" receiver. Advantages of such a system include the aforementioned 2.4GHz operation, full programmability for both rotary- and fixed-wing models and a ten-model memory. In particular, the two flight modes and adjustable five-point pitch and throttle curves make this a fully featured helicopter/airplane radio, unlike the transmitter bundled with most RTF models. The transmitter even includes a countdown timer to avoid the possibility of a crash due to a discharged battery.

Separate manuals for the airframe, radio and gyro are included as is a 1.8A DC-powered battery charger with built-in automatic cooling fan and a series of color-coded LED charging status lights. The fan switches on when a battery's balancing lead is plugged in and switches off after the battery is charged or an error detected. A 100-240VAC/12VDC 3A power supply (part number EFLC4030) is available as an option for those wishing to operate the enclosed charger on house current. The main connections on the supplied battery and ESC are the "EC3" type common across Horizon Hobby's product lines, but can be swapped to the modeler's choice of connectors if desired. Prewired male EC3 connectors are available from E-flite should one wish to build an adapter in lieu of removing the factory male connector.

A "Bind and Fly" or "BNF" version without the transmitter is available for those wishing to use an existing helicopter-compatible transmitter. The BNF version includes battery, charger and all other parts necessary aside from a DSMX capable transmitter.

Buyers of the Bind-and-Fly model should be aware of issues with the included programming instructions for Spektrum DX7, DX7se and DX8 transmitters. Up to date programming information can be found here.

Changes from the blade 400

  • Horizon DS75 Servos changed to DS76.
  • Changed tail servo to DS76t.
  • 25 Amp ESC changed to 35 Amp.
  • G110 Heading Lock Gyro changed to G210HL with MEMS technology.
  • Spektrum AR6100e DSM2 receiver changed to Spektrum AR6115e DSMX.
  • RTF included LiPo changed from 3S 1800 mAh 20c to 3S 2200 mAh 30c.



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