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The Vision 50

The Vision 50 Series Currently comprises of two Helicopters produced by ElyQ, These are Helicopters are the Vision 50 Ultimate and the Vision 50 Competition, the Ultimate is aimed at new people that wish to take up nitro or move from older models but dont want to invest alot, but still have the performance that a 3D pilot wish's for. The Competition is aimed at the 3D flier at heart, being a totally different design with a underslung flybar with performance in mind.

Vision 50 Ultimate

The ElyQ Vision 50 Ultimate is ElyQ's First Entry in the .50 Nitro Range. The project was born with the precise idea to realize an entry level helicopter.

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ElyQ Vision 50 Ultimate

The first project aimed to produce a machine with some key lines:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to upkeep
  • Easily to find spare parts
  • Light
  • Fast and precise, much more than any other competition machine you can find on the market


  • Length 1180mm
  • Height 420mm
  • Rotor diameter 1335mm
  • Gear Ratio 8.72/1/4.5
  • Flying weight 3KG (no fuel)
  • 600-620mm main blades
  • Belt driven tail
  • 50 size engine

Version 2

Sometime after the release of the Vision 50 Ultimate, ElyQ released a Version 2 that aimed to address some of the issues of the orginal Version, The Changes included:

  • Vision 50 V1 and Vision 50 V2: Landing Skid (BAG 5002)
  • Changed in 3D Version
  • Main Frame Assy Part 01 (BAG 5003)
  • Radio Tray: new hooks were inserted for Rubber Band (Manual -> Page S004-2 Item 4)
  • Tail Unit (BAG 5005)
  • Thrust Bearing (Manual -> Page S008-2 Item 32)
  • Main Blade Grip (increased thickness of 0.3 mm)
  • Main Rotor Head (BAG 5015)
  • Main Rotor HUB (changed in one piece) (Manual -> Page S018-2 Item 7)
  • Main Rotor Blade (BAG 5019)
  • Socket Screw M4x25 -> Changed M4x27 (Manual -> Page S022-2 Item 1)

Vision 50 Competition

In November 2009, ElyQ Released the Vision 50 Competition, This Helicopter is aimed at the 3D/Experianced Flier with performance in mind, It features lightwaight carbon side frames and a underslung flybar for performance in flight. The head also has some programmability to allow the advanced pilot to take advanced of diffrent configurations, for extreme cyclic speed to very stable or a balance between the two.

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ElyQ Vision 50 Competition

the new generation of Vision 50 "Competition" version will be 50 class’ main helicopter.

Feature's and improvements over the Vision 50 Ultimate:

  • Carbon Fiber frame. The new model is lighter than the Vision50 Ultimate ready to fly;
  • Engine cooling fan has been increased in order to optimize the propeller performances;
  • Autorotation system has been completely redesigned;
  • The mechanism turns out to be smoother, safer and more precise
  • 440mm long Flybar, in order to have higher stability and precision
  • CNC Aluminium Head, redesigned keeping the same ratio considered for the head of Vision50 Ultimate;
  • Fully transparent fuel tank, in order to monitor fuel level with no need to get very close to the heli
  • Carbon fiber Tail fin and Tail boom brace.
  • Third bearing added, in order to increase frame rigidity and make the model even more precise and performing.
  • Custom built Carbon Fiber Canopy
  • Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
  • CNC Aluminium Tail Pulley
  • CNC Aluminium Tail rotor Pitch Fork
  • Cyclic leverage directly connected to get a faster and more precise extreme 3D flight;
  • Cyclic leverage connected through bell crank system to get a smoother acrobatic flight and in order to use cheeper servos and with less performances (optional);
  • Tail transmission system version, highly resistant in case of crash, to get quick, precise flight;
  • Torque tube system version to reach an even more precise, efficient and faster flight. The two versions are completely compatible and interchangeable;
  • Shockproof transparent polycarbonate Radio tray, available in several colours.


After the first batch of Vision 50 Ultimate's Were shipped and sold, owners were experiancing problems with the tail fork snapping during flight thus causing the model to loose tail authority and ultimately crash. ElyQ rectified this issue in later batches.

Ball Links v1.00 are prone to snapping in flight thus causing the model to crash, although not all users have experianced this problem, ElyQ has addressed this issue and released the v2.00 ball links that are a new mold and have been made much stronger and increased diameter.

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