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FASST is Futaba's 2,4GHz protocol. FASST is a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, where the transmitter broadcasts for a very short slice of time on one channel, before switching to another in an apparently random sequence. During the initial binding of the receiver to the transmitter, the receiver remembers the transmitter's unique identification code, and searches for a transmission containing this code when it is powered up. When it finds the code, it is able to predict when and where the transmitter will jump to next.

If the channel the transmitter jumps to is in use, the receiver will notice that the packet is corrupt and drop it. It still knows where the transmitter will broadcast in future so it is able to re-establish the link. 2.4GHz equipment is deliberately designed to be able to cope with such interruptions in the transmission.

Each FASST transmitter only works with a number of models of FASST receiver; check the compatibility chart linked below before buying. FASST aeromodelling radios can work in one of two modes, for use with different receivers. The "7-channel mode" is used by receivers and transmitters up to 7 channels, whereas the "multi-channel mode" is used when a receiver with more channels is needed.

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