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The part of two-bladed RC helicopter that connects the blade grips together in the head. The feathering shaft allows the blade grips to rotate along their center axis, thereby allowing the pitch of the individual blades to be varied independently. The feathering shaft is not rigidly attached to the head, but allowed to "float", which has the effect of allowing the blades a minimal amount of "flap", which assists with forward flight and wind handling. The movement of the feathering shaft within the head is buffered by rubber bushings called head dampers. The feathering shaft is often referred to as a spindle and the two terms can be interchanged.


Checking a feathering shaft for damage

  • Method 1: Remove one or both main blades, install an appropriate size hex key in the socket head of the feathering shaft keeper bolt (or nut spinner if retaining nuts are used). Turn the keeper bolt and visually inspect whether the blade grips "wiggle" as you turn it. If they do then the shaft is bent.
  • Method 2: Remove the feathering shaft and roll it on a piece of flat glass. A bent shaft will be very evident.

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