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Popular online video series by Bob 'Finless' White featuring RC helicopter kit reviews, flights and most importantly detailed construction guides covering the most popular helicopters as well as general high interest topics. The videos are officially hosted on Helifreak, and require a Helifreak account to be able to download them. If you wish to download the videos by using the direct links on this page, you should first go to Helifreak, log in and then return here.

Following is a list of some of the videos, along with descriptions of their contents.

'101' Series of introductory videos

Threadlock 101

  • Types of threadlock;
  • Where to use, where not to use;
  • How to use.

Ball links 101

  • Proper link tightness;
  • Ball link pliers;
  • Link polarization;
  • Resizing links with a resizing tool.

CCPM setup 101

Using the Trex 450SEV2 as an example.

  • Part 1
    • Radio configuration for CCPM setup;
    • Electrical power for setup;
    • Receiver connections;
    • Servo reversing and CCPM parameters to move the servos in the right directions;
    • Selecting servo arms;
    • Setting subtrim to correct arm orientation;
    • Adding balls to arms.
  • Part 2

Curves 101

  • Servo end points;
  • What is a curve, and how they control servos;
    • Exponential demo;
    • Simulating reducing end points;
  • Radio programming differences;
  • Linear curves for setup;
  • Idle up linear pitch curves (with negative pitch);
  • Normal mode pitch curves for beginners;
  • Use of pitch gauge;
  • Matching upper parts of normal and idle up pitch curves; switching flight modes;
  • Throttle curves; matching to pitch curves;
  • Idle up 'V' throttle curves;
  • Suggested pitch and throttle curve values.

Dual rates 101

Demonstration of dual rates using a JR X9303 transmitter as an example.

Exponential 101

Demonstration of exponentials using a JR X9303 transmitter as an example.

  • Exponential.
  • Switching on and off.
  • Uses

Blade balancing 101

  • Propeller style balancing;
  • Finding & adjusting blade center of gravity;
  • Comparing and adjusting blade weight.

Tracking 101

  • What is blade tracking;
  • How to check tracking;
  • How to adjust tracking;
  • Other causes of tracking issues.

BEC 101

Soldering bullet connectors 101

  • Equipment;
  • Tinning wires;
  • Soldering techniques;
  • Heatshrinking.

Soldering Deans connectors 101

  • Equipment;
  • Precautions if soldering batteries;
  • Using wire strippers;
  • Soldering techniques;
  • Heatshrinking.

Canopy trimming 101

  • Removing plastic blow mold flashing;
  • Cutting out sections.

Servo repair 101

  • Taking an HS56 servo apart;
  • Removing gears and bearings;
  • Open bearing re-greasing;
  • Installing the new gears;
  • Reassembling & testing.

Other setup videos

Align/ Telebee gyro and tail setup

Using the HDX300 as an example. Note this assumes a particular tail control geometry that may differ from your model.

GY401 setup

Using the Trex 450SEV2 as an example. Note this assumes a particular tail control geometry that may differ from your model.

401 Setup with DX7

  • TODO

Dual rates and expo on JR X9303 (also 9X, 9XII)

  • TODO

Dual rates and expo on DX7

  • TODO

Flight training

See Finless Bob's flight training videos.

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