Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Furion 450

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Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Furion 450
Manufacturer Miniature Aircraft
Class 450 size electric
Build Kit
Blade size320mm - 325mm
LevelIntermediate / Advanced
MaterialCarbon fiber
TypeOne piece
Servo to swash linkageDirect
Servo sizeMicro
Rotor head
GripsMetal / Carbon fiber
Head blockMetal
SwashMetal / Carbon fiber
ControlCCPM 120°
Drive systemBelt drive
Auto drivenYes
Tail pitch sliderSingle
Tail blade gripsMetal
Tail caseMetal / Carbon fiber
Boom strut materialMetal
Main rotor to pinion ratio1:13.64
Main rotor to tail ratio1:4.63
Empty weight12 oz. (340g)
Weight without battery1 lbs., 6 oz. (623g)
Fully loaded weight1 lbs., 12 oz. (793g)
Height8.7 in. (217mm)
Canopy width2.75 in. (70mm)
Landing gear4.75 in. (121mm)
Paddle to paddle diameter12 in. (305mm)
Main rotor diameter28 in. (711mm)
Tail rotor diameter6 in. (152mm)
Length25 in. (635mm)

Reviews and articles

  • RC Heli magazine scorecard (reviewed in the December 2008 issue):
    • Instructions - 3.5
    • Parts quality/Fit - 5
    • Durability - 4.5
    • Tunability - 4.5
    • Overall performance - 4.5
    • Value - 2.5

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