Gaui Hurricane 200

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Gaui Hurricane 200
Manufacturer Gaui
Class 200 size electric
Build ARF
Blade size195mm
LevelBeginner to Advanced
MaterialCarbon fiber
Servo to swash linkageDirect
Servo sizeSub micro
Rotor head
Head blockMetal
Control120° CCPM
Drive systemShaft drive
Auto drivenNo
Tail pitch sliderSingle
Tail blade gripsMetal
Tail caseCarbon fiber / Metal
Boom strut materialCarbon
Main rotor to pinion ratio1:8
Main rotor to tail ratio1:3.5
Empty weight4.2 oz. (119.5g)
Fully loaded weight8.1 oz (220g)
Height6 in. (150mm)
Canopy width1 3/4 in. (44mm)
Landing gear3 1/4 in. (85mm)
Paddle to paddle diameter6 5/8 in. (170mm)
Main rotor diameter16 7/8 in. (428mm)
Tail rotor diameter4 in. (105mm)
Length15 3/8 in. (386mm)

The Gaui Hurricane 200 V2 (aka Gaui EP-200) is a 200-sized electric helicopter available in a number of almost ready to fly variants:

  • Gaui Hurricane 200
Basic version with alloy head and partially alloy tail.
  • Gaui Hurricane 200 V2 SE
Upgraded version with higher quality alloy head and tail
  • Gaui Hurricane 200 V2 FES
Flybarless alloy head, together with GAUI virtual flybar electronics; all alloy tail.
  • Gaui Hurricane 200 shaft drive
Shaft driven (rather than belt driven tail rotor).

Compared to the Gaui Mini Zoom (EP-100), the EP-200 has a better designed frame allowing better servo placement, and a longer tail boom allowing the helicopter to run longer main blades, giving a rotor diameter of 428mm compared to the EP-100's 340mm. The decreased disk loading allows the helicopter to run lower head speeds and adds to the helicopter's stability.

The longer tail boom and blades can also be retro-fitted onto the EP-100.

Reviews and articles

  • RC Heli magazine scorecard (reviewed in the September 2008 issue):
    • Instructions - 4
    • Parts quality/Fit - 4.5
    • Durability - 4.5
    • Tunability - 4
    • Overall performance - 4.5
    • Value - 4

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