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Hirobo is a Japanese model helicopter manufacturer, producing primarily nitro powered helicopters. Hirobo also produce a number of scale models.

The models they produce include:

  • Shuttle
A 30-sized nitro helicopter available in a number of slightly different configurations, currently the "Shuttle Plus"; mostly superseded by the Sceadu. Arguably the helicopter that made Hirobo famous.
  • Sceadu
A 30 to 50 sized nitro helicopter, available in both CCPM and mechanically mixed versions.
  • Freya
A 90 sized nitro helicopter
A small fixed pitch electric helicopter that flies extremely well.
  • XRB
A small coaxial electric helicopter.
  • Lepton
A 500-sized electric helicopter.
  • Turbulence D3
A competition-class 90 sized nitro helicopter (another name for the Freya?).
  • Vertol
A tandem rotor mechanics suitable for a number of Hirobo scale tandem fuselages
  • Bell 47G
A large scale model helicopter powered by a 24cc petrol engine.
  • Lama
A number of different scale models, including a huge 1/5th scale version.

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