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Idle up mode (also called stunt mode) is a generic name for a flight mode that gives the helicopter enhanced performance, and is selected by throwing a switch on the transmitter. Often idle up is used to mean a mode with a linear pitch curve giving as much negative as positive collective pitch and a V shaped throttle curve ensuring that sufficient throttle is given to allow the helicopter to execute inverted maneuvers. The head speed may also be higher compared to normal mode, making the helicopter more responsive and suitable for sport flying or 3D.

With a stock transmitter the idle up settings will be pre-programmed into the transmitter. Before engaging the idle up switch, the helicopter should be spooled up in normal mode, otherwise the motor will speed up very rapidly, likely stripping the main gear.

A computer transmitter may have two or more idle up settings available, both of which can be configured to the pilot's taste and flying with separate pitch curves and throttle curves.

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