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Computer transmitters are able to store configuration details for a number of different helicopters, each set up stored in a different model memory that must be selected before flying the model. The more expensive the radio, the more model memories it is likely to have.

Some Futaba transmitters can have their model memory extended by use of 'CAMPAC' modules. Some JR transmitters can upload and download models to and from other radios or a computer, via their trainer port.

Spektrum 2,4GHz radios have a unique ModelMatch feature where the receiver learns the transmitter model number during radio binding, and will refuse to respond if a different memory is selected.

Another use of memories is to try out a different set up for a model. The current model set up can be copied for safe keeping, and then either the original changed safe in the knowledge that the copy can be returned to if the new setup is not liked.

When using a simulator it is usually best to use a model memory you have reserved for that purpose, to avoid messing up any settings you have for your real helicopter.

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