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The Multiplex Funcopter is an fun beginner heli based on the Corona. fixed-pitch electric helicopter.

Approximately the same size as a 450-size helicopter, it has a foam body, direct drive main rotor for quiet operation (and to reduce breakable parts), a robust fixed-pitch main rotor and a variable pitch tail rotor, driven by a shaft from the main motor. It is sold as being robust enough to take minor crashes without needing repair.

Available as a prebuild kit including motor, or as a "receiver ready" package, complete with servos, brushless motor and ESC, and requiring only an appropriate receiver and LiPo battery.


  • Fuselage length: 34 inches / 86 cm.
  • Rotor Diameter: 31 inches / 79 cm.
  • Weight: 45 oz / 1.3 kg.

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