Quick and dirty CCPM setup for Trex, Blade 400 3D, Belt CP, King, etc

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So, you've fiddled with the settings in your transmitter and now the helicopter controls don't move the swashplate in the way you've come to expect. All is not lost.

A helicopter will only fly well if the controls are properly set up. A poorly setup helicopter can be impossible for even an expert to fly. If you think your setup is more broken than this short guide fixes, follow our CCPM setup article.

1. Disconnect the motor, or use throttle hold to disable it.
We're going to be fiddling with the collective control, and don't want to kill ourselves, yet.
2. Move the collective and check that all three swashplate servos move.
If they do not, you need to select the correct swashplate layout for a forwards or backwards pointing 120 degree triangular layout.
3. Move the cyclic stick left and right.
The two servos connected to the left and right hand sides of the swashplate should move. If not, move the ones that do move there.
4. Move the cyclic stick forwards and backwards
All three swashplate servos should move.
5. Use servo reversing to make the servos move together on collective.
The collective control should move the swashplate uniformly up and down the main mast.
6. Use your CCPM parameters (also called swash mix) settings to make the swashplate move in the correct direction and amount for the control input.
The sign (+ or -) keeps or reverses the direction of movement of a control, and the number controls the sensitivity of the control; 50 is usually a good starting point, but really you need to think in terms of cyclic and collective blade pitch measured using a pitch gauge.
6.1. For the elevator value, pushing the cyclic forward should cause the swashplate to tilt forwards;
If not, reverse the sign of the aileron value.
6.2. For the aileron value, pushing the cyclic left should cause the swashplate to tilt left;
If not, reverse the sign of the aileron value.
6.3. For the collective (pitch) value, pushing the collective up should cause the swashplate to rise uniformly.
If not, reverse the sign of the pitch value. There are a small number of oddball helicopters around (such as the Esky Honey Bee CP2 where the swashplate falls as the collective is pushed up.

That's it; your controls should now be working in roughly the correct direction.

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