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The 4th generation of the RC Logger Camera Series, following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the HD, HD2 and PRO, revolutionizes aerial image recording, in both, still and video capturing mode, combining outstanding and uncompromised image performance as well as unique control features combined with innovation. An integrated Gyro-, GPS- sensor and the micro motor controlled rotating camera head provide the basis for breathtaking image recording experience. Surprise your audience and yourself with added firmware enhancements including burst capturing mode, time-lapse image capturing or simply the ability to take still image photo shots while recording video.

Analog plus Digital Video and Audio Outputs

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Adding digital video and audio output functionality via an integrated HDMI port additionally to the standard analog A/V-Out port allowing transfer of audio and video data directly to other media devices such as personal computers, wireless signal transmitters or TV monitors.

Motorized 2-Axis Moving Head

An integrated micro motor driven 2-axis rotating camera head keeps the camera right on target, leveled horizontally or at a fixed angle. Simply install the "IMU Add-On Module" (available optionally) to have the head stabilized fully automatically.

Crystal Clear Dual Active Image Stabilization

An integrated Gyro actively corrects against onboard vibration, allowing digital processing of image data before saving the data onto the "microSD" card. This requires less or little optimization efforts while positioning the X2 on your model plane, helicopter, multi rotor or drone.

Get the full view - 140 degrees ultra wide angle

The motorized camera head is equipped with 140 degrees optical lens for maximum image capturing area, delivering amazing aerial shots recorded at incredible 11 mega pixels.

Exceptional 120 frames per second and Full-HD capabilities

While the RC Logger PRO captures images at 30 frames per second, the X2 allows frame rates of up to 120 frames for slow motion play back of those amazing moments during flight.

Convenience meets innovation

Features you may only expect from professional cameras such as an integrated photo burst mode, the integrated GPS sensor or the possibility to directly connect RC Logger's 2.4 GHz data transmission module. The X2 delivers the possibility to take single still photos while recording video. Just like the previous versions, the X2 provides support for time-lapse recording, synchronized video and data logging capability as well as a lightweight, yet robust ABS housing with soft rubber coating.

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