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A servo tester is a small standalone electronic device that allows a servo to be moved over its entire range of motion. It does this by emulating how the receiver delivers a range of different length pulses to set the positon the servo should move to, as defined by the servo protocol. The knob or buttons on the servo tester allow the pulse length to be controlled directly.

The primary use for a servo tester is to check servo accuracy and range. Some people also use them when installing servo horns onto the servo, but you are probably better off using your radio system for this as the exact centre value may vary from system to system.

One slightly unusual use for a servo tester is to provide a gyro gain signal to a gyro. As the value sent via the radio to the gain channel of the gyro rarely changes, it can be set to a value via a servo tester, thus freeing up the channel for more interesting uses (such as retracts).

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