Setting up Spektrum DX7 with Futaba GY401

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This step-by-step guide will explain how to set up your Spektrum DX7 radio to work with the Futaba GY401 gyro. It doesn't matter if your receiver has 6 (AR6100, AR6100e, AR6200) or 7 channels (AR7000).

First of all, on your receiver plug the gyro's main wire (the one with many wires) into the RUDD channel and the gain wire (the one with a single wire) into the GEAR channel.

There are two ways to set things up in your transmitter's menu:

Setting up using Gyro Sensing on the Gear Channel

  1. Turn on your transmitter while holding Select and Scroll Down - this will get you in the Model Select menu;
  2. Press Scroll Down until you reach the Input Select menu;
  3. Press Select to jump from AUX2 (which should be left on INH) to the GEAR channel's mapping and press Decrease until you set it to GYRO;
  4. Press Select and Scroll Down and then Select and Scroll Up to get into the main shortcut menu, select GYRO SENSING by pressing Scroll Down several and press Select and Scroll Down to access the menu point;
  5. Set the first option to AUTO by pressing Decrease;
  6. Press Select to jump to RATE 0. Increase it to about 72%.
  7. That's about it.

Setting up using the Gear Channel's travel adjustment

  1. TODO

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