Spektrum DX6i

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Spektrum DX6i

The Spektrum DX6i is a 2,4GHz helicopter transmitter that improves on the features of the original Spektrum DX6 in the following areas.

Both have 10 model memories, CCPM support, ModelMatch and ServoSync, and an idle up mode with separate pitch and throttle curves.

The DX6i can be bought separately, or as part of the E-flite Blade 400 ready to fly package.

The DX6i can control any model using a DSM or DSM2 receiver, including the E-flite Blade CX2 and E-flite Blade mCX.

Known issues

The digital trims are known to be weak and can stop working. Spektrum resellers in most countries will replace these under warranty without quibble.

The scroll wheel is also known to be weak and can break where it enters the encoder. To reduce the risk of breaking, always press on the upper part of the wheel.

On some transmitters, model memories 9 & 10 share the same ModelMatch code, so a receiver when bound to one memory can also be controlled using the other. If this problem is present, the transmitter can be returned for servicing to have this feature removed; however, it can actually be handy (if used with care) when experimenting with setups for a new model;

Theoretically, as the transmitter is powered by individual cells rather than a tagged and soldered battery pack, some flying sites may restrict its use.

Some transmitters have a problem with the potentiometers reading the stick positions that can cause the output to 'stick' or 'jump'. The transmitter should be returned for servicing. See here. Some people have reported this issue developing without warning.

Hints and tips

There are a number of 'hidden menus' that allow setting the transmitter mode, or recalibrating the gimbals.

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