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A stock transmitter refers to a very basic transmitter supplied with a ready to fly model.

A stock transmitter usually has limited features. It will likely have fixed pitch and throttle curves. Transmitters for collective pitch helicopters may have an idle up switch, and maybe a hover throttle and collective pitch trim control. Control sensitivity is not adjustable. Transmitters for CCPM helicopters can sometimes have the mixing disabled, for use with simulators.

One notable exception to this began with the E-flite Blade 400 which came with the Spektrum DX6i computer transmitter as standard. Newer high-end helicopters offered under the new Blade brand are similarly equipped.

Another exception is that of recent offerings by Skyartec, including the Skyartec Nano 100 nano CCPM helicopter. It and others are now being sold with the Skyartec NASA701 seven-channel computerized radio with on-screen programming and a ten-model memory.

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