TSA Model Infusion 700N

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  • Full length of fuselage: 1845mm
  • Full width of fuselage: 215mm
  • Height: 419mm
  • Flying Weight (approx): 4420g
  • Main rotor diameter: 1580mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 262mm
  • Engine class: 90 - 120
  • Gear ratio: 8.4:1 / 8.0:1
  • Main gear ratio: 15T:126T / 120T
  • Tail gear ratio: 113T:25T
  • In-flight Mixture needle: Yes
  • Full tank capacity: 650cc
  • Material specification: Carbon fiber, Aluminium
  • Tail rotor drive: Shaft drive
  • Swashplate angle: 120°
  • Main blade (not included): 680 - 710mm
  • Tail blade (not included): 90 - 110mm
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