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What do the size numbers mean? What's a "60 class" or a "400 class" (etc.) helicopter?

Hi. See Helicopter sizes. Numbers below 100 are nitro engine capacity (with 90's being the largest common size), above 100 tend to be electric motor size, or blade size, or some random number somewhere in between. -- unwind-protect 13:03, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

i cant get my heli to get off the ground it just spins

Heli direction...

HERE it IS- Everything on tha heli is correct, everything moves correctly in tha right direction... Everything on tha transmitter is set correctly but when I move tha cyclic UP&DOWN tha heli moves side to side & whn I move tha cyclic side to side tha heli moves foreword & backward... DO you have any ideas on wt could be wrong with either one???

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