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Inserts an information box to the right of the page containing all the basic information about an RC helicopter. It will also put the page which uses it into the RC helicopters category.


Copy and paste the template below at the begining of the page you're creating. Delete the lines you don't have information about and replace the values on the right side of the equal sign for the ones you leave on. Check below for some usage examples.

{{ RC helicopter
| photo = Photo of the helicopter (eg. Avant-aurora.jpg)
| manufacturer = Manufacturer's name (preferably linked to the article about the manufacturer)
| class = Helicopter's class. See below.
| build = Build type (eg. Kit, ARF, RTF, etc)
| blade size = Size of the blades that can be mounted
| level = Pilot / Builder lever (eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
| frame material = Self explanatory
| frame type = eg. One piece, Two piece, Stacked
| servo linkage = eg. Direct, Bell crank, etc.
| servo size = eg. Sub micro, Micro, Standard
| grips = Material of the blade grips
| head block = Material of the head block
| head links = eg. Ball
| swash = Swashplate material
| control = Control type (eg. CCPM 120°)
| drive system = Tail drive system (eg. Belt, Torque tube, Shaft, etc)
| auto driven = Self explanatory (Yes / No)
| tail pitch slider = eg. Single, Double
| tail blade grips = Material of the tail blade grips
| tail case = Material of the tail case
| boom strut material = Self explanatory
| main rotor to pinion ratio = eg. 1:8.25
| main rotor to tail ratio = eg. 1:4.9
| empty weight = Self explanatory - eg. 6 lbs., 7 oz. (3,387g)
| without fuel weight = Self explanatory
| without battery weight = Self explanatory
| fully loaded weight = Self explanatory
| height = eg. 18.3 in. (465mm)
| canopy width = Self explanatory
| landing gear = Self explanatory
| paddle to paddle diameter = Self explanatory
| main rotor diameter = Self explanatory
| tail rotor diameter = Self explanatory
| length = Self explanatory

Please note

Usage examples

Some pages using this template are:


The first version of the information box was heavily inspired from the one found in RC Heli magazine.

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