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A turboshaft engine is form of rotary internal combustion engine, used on full size and some large model helicopters. The turboshaft engine consists of two main components

  • The gas generator takes in air, compresses it and combusts it in a continuous process. The hot exhaust gas leaves the rear of the gas generator via the compressor turbine, which powers the compressor on the front of the engine.
  • The hot exhaust gas then enters the power turbine, where the exhaust's kinetic energy is converted to rotary energy supplied to the engine's output shaft and used to power the helicopter.

A small number of model engines are known as single stage engines, and only one turbine to power both the compressor and helicopter. These engines are much less efficient than two stage engines with separate compressor and power turbines.

A typical model turbine starts on propane, runs on kerosene, and generates in excess of 5kW (7hp). Turbine operation requires extra safety precautions because of the high temperatures and energy contained in a running engine.

Turboshaft manufacturers

Turbine (not turboshaft) manufacturers

  • SimJet turbine manufacture and design, Denmark.
  • AMT (Advanced Micro Turbines), Netherlands.

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