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The Twister RC Police Helicam is a large RTF coaxial helicopter which features a built-in, German-made FlyCamOne ECO VGA video camera controllable from the transmitter.

The model was designed in Australia by R/C helicopter pilots Mike Farnan and Neil Addicott and was initially sold in Europe and Australia/Australasia by British hobby distributor J. Perkins Distribution. It was introduced to the North American market in December 2010 by Hobby Lobby International of Brentwood, Tennessee.

THough Hobby Lobby no longer stocks the model or its parts, it has returned to the North American market as the Blade CX4 via Horizon Hobby. The CX4, while mechanically identical, features rubber-coated blades, a restyled, two-piece fuselage, a Spektrum radio system and no camera. Perhaps the most important change was to the landing skids. These are now a three-piece shock absorbing system designed to withstand the sorts of hard landings to which a beginner might subject the model.

Guidance is from a Planet brand T5P 2.4 GHz five-channel park flyer system operating through a Planet combination motor mixer and gyro. Four channels are used to fly the Police Helicam; auxillary channel five which operates the camera is accessible via a momentary contact toggle switch atop the transmitter. The switch defaults to the video mode on first flick; holding the switch causes the camera to first switch to automatic serial still photo mode. Holding the switch again will switch to user-operated still photo mode.

Other features include a flashing red LED tail beacon, high-intensity white LED searchlights and a low-battery warning system which flickers a blue LED atop the fuselage when the flight battery is discharged and it is time to land the model. An automatic current overload system cuts power to the brushed motors in the event of a crash resulting in interference with the rotors under power. The power is restored automatically after a few seconds of zero throttle.

An 800mAh 3S lithium polymer battery with an AC/DC balancing charger is included as are a full set of replacement blades, a small allen wrench, tie wraps and servo mounting tape. A micro SD memory card up to 8GB capacity is required for the camera and is available separately outside the Australian market. Units sold in Australia come with a 2GB card.

Despite the size of the Police Helicam and the potential outdoor use of the camera, the manufacturer recommends that it only be flown outdoors in dead calm conditions.


  • Main rotor diameter: 18" (456mm)
  • Weight: 7.7 oz. (220g)
  • Length: 18.8" (480mm)
  • Camera resolution: 640x480 VGA

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