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The Walkera 4#3 is a micro-sized fixed pitch electric helicopter supplied in a ready to fly package with a 2,4GHz stock transmitter.

A number of versions have been produced:

  • 4#3
The original version with plastic head (discontinued)
  • 4#3A
Improved version with plastic head.
  • 4#3B
Improved version with metal head. Reports are that the 4#3B is slightly more stable (slightly slower to react) than the 4#3A.
  • 4#3B Brushless
Improved version of the 4#3B with a brushless motor for longer flight times and motor life.
  • 4#3B Double Brushless
Improved version of the 4#3B with a brushless motor for the main brushless motor for the tail designed for longer flight times and motor life.


Angling the flybar paddles up a few degrees will help to make the aircraft more stable in the hover, at the expense of reducing the helicopter's top speed dramatically, possibly due to retreating paddle stall.

There is a lot of slop in the connections from the swashplate to the rotor; this can be reduced by:

  • Using a small spring on the main mast under the swashplate to apply compression to the linkages.
  • Using thin elastic around the linkages for the same effect.
  • Using a tiny amount of cyano to stick the swash to the mast while pushing the swashplate up, for the same effect.

Use a heatsink on the main motor for better motor life.

Don't try to take off from carpet, as the skids will tend to stick into it; take off from a smooth surface, or put a sheet of paper down as a helipad.

In addition to the brushless main motor, aftermarket kits are now available to upgrade the tail motor for a direct drive outrunner motor.

The battery connectors appear to be Micro Losi connectors; see below.

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